Last Updates:

29/09/2001: Luisworld's comeback! New section dedicated to Roswell. Visit the characters galleries. For now: Emilie de Ravin (30 pics); Shiri Appleby (30 pics) and Katherine Heigl (30 pics). Visit also the Roswell Cast page, with bios and characters profile (in french for the moment). Enjoy. :)))))

09/07/2K: Big update in the CHARMED section: galleries (of Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty) and a new section called STUFF (with a lot of funny things to download) and overall you can now visit the HALLIWELL'S MANOR

MP3 section disappeared and instead you can find a moviesection



15/04/2K: Gen13 Picture gallery added (GO). Buffy galleries with new graphics.

14/04/2K: New TOPGIRLS added. Choose the most beautifull girl.

13/04/2K: Big update: Gen13 section added (with 40 covers); Tellos section added; Buffy and Charmed episode guide added.

03/04/2K: Covers added: Fathom(16), Darkness(15).

02/04/2K: Comics section updated with now 9 diferents comics. Alyssa Milano gallery is online. Special Thanks to: BEN,CHRIS, JOE, GREG, JEREMY, JULIO,YOYO, PIERRAMAC, BABOUM, BOC...for visiting my site so often. A real thank you !!!!

23/03/2K: "Charmed" section added (bios and gallery for now)...Buffy gallery page 3 is now open (15 new photos) and Top Girls section added in Comics page.

19/03/2K: Comics'graphics updated.

17/03/2K: Buffy's biographies added.

15/03/2K: My Buffy section is now open (the gallery for now) and the Comics Section is being reupdated with new Graphics.

Enjoy the 30 photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Much more are coming.